7 times Allied troops stole Nazi vehicles

🙂 A whole history stealing others, beginning with Texas and the allie France.
Logan Nye, We Are The Mighty
5h 3,389
Look, the Nazis had some cool toys during World War II.

They were far ahead of the other combatants in jet-powered flight, had amazing tanks, and created awesome examples of prop aircraft. So the Allies may have lifted a few of their better vehicles in an effort to see how best to destroy them and, in many cases, how to rip off the technology to use for American equipment.

Here are seven times Allied troops stole Nazi vehicles and technology:

1. British engineers hunt a Tiger tank.
2. An American POW escapes Germany in a stolen Nazi plane.
3. British commandos stole a Nazi radar station.
4. Operation LUSTY allowed the U.S. to steal dozens of planes.
5. The Brits take the world’s first jet-powered bomber from Norway.
6. American troops capture a German train and the tank chained to it.
7. The Royal Air Force has a Focke-Wulf 190 practically handed to them.

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