Lewis Hamilton slashes Sebastian Vettel’s lead to just one point with crushing victory at British GP

Oliver Brown, chief sports feature writer, silverstone Natasha Henry, live updates
16 JULY 2017 • 7:36PM

Crowd-surfing to his heart’s content, Lewis Hamilton exuded a profound sense of happiness and vindication. There have been four British Grands Prix since Formula One’s switch to the turbo-hybrid era and he has won every one of them. After a week of finding his relationship with this country’s motorsport fans sternly questioned, due to his no-show at last week’s F1 jamboree in Trafalgar Square, the home hero concocted the perfect riposte, becoming just the third man after Jim Clark and Alain Prost to win this race five times. He is lord of the Silverstone manor once more.

Forget the fact that Hamilton indulged himself with a two-day blow-out in Mykonos before coming here. From now on, for all that Mercedes care, he can slope off to Disneyland, the Maldives, or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So long as he keeps producing performances of this calibre, with a lights-to-flag victory to defy the chaos in his rear-view mirrors, he will have his team’s unconditional trust. “If you don’t know by now that my preparation is on point, then I guess you never will,” Hamilton said. “I’m going to keep enjoying my life the way I do, regardless of what people say.”

For all his dizzying feats, Hamilton is a fragile character, who needs to feel adored by his public. He has lamented how some of his life choices, such as living in Switzerland and Monaco since he was a teenager, have compromised the strength of his connection to Britain. One would have hardly have guessed as much at Silverstone, where he started his afternoon by throwing caps into the galleries and ended it borne aloft by a teeming throng of disciples.

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